Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Astros have no idea what they'll do with Fernando Abad

To read Brian McTaggart's article on Fernando Abad, you get the sense that they have absolutely no clue what to do with Fernando Abad in 2011.

Ed Wade:
"It's a nice position to be in at this point, to have a guy who has a chance to come in and compete and fill a number of different roles...He's had an excellent winter ball. I hate to take potential starters and move them to the bullpen prematurely, but at the same time he really factors into a number of different ways for us. We're going to have to talk about the potential of him being the primary left-hander in our bullpen.

There's a few moving parts right now, and we need to sit down as a group and get Millsie's input and [pitching coach] Brad Arnsberg's input and try to get him to be in the right position to be successful in the short term or long term."

Spring Training should be fun, at least until we get the predictions rolling in...