Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keith Law: Lyles is #42

Keith Law's (Insider-Only) Top 100 prospect list was released today, and our boy Jordan Lyles clocks in at #42.

We're always hesitant to just post everything from a pay-site (yesterday's Organizational Ranking post was an exception, because it was only about six words long), so we'll give you the meat of his Lyles comments:

His command of his fastball and changeup is above-average, but he's still working on his feel for the two breaking pitches, and it's hard to project him as a No. 1 with only the change as a potential out pitch. However, the Astros surely would take him as a future No. 2 who's on the cusp of the majors at age 20, the best pitching prospect their system has produced since the days of Roy Oswalt.

Last year, Law ranked Lyles #60, and had this to say:
With the potential for him to add velocity, given his 6-foot-4 frame as he approaches the legal drinking age, Lyles could become a No. 2 starter or more for a team that hasn't developed anything close to that since Roy Oswalt.

Falling off Law's list from last year is Jason Castro (#65) and Jiovanni Mier (#94).