Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keith Law doesn't think so highly of Jason Castro

Keith Law posted his Top 100 prospects (Insider Only, but I got your back). Where are the Astros?

Jordan Lyles: #60
With the potential for him to add velocity, given his 6-foot-4 frame as he approaches the legal drinking age, Lyles could become a No. 2 starter or more for a team that hasn't developed anything close to that since Roy Oswalt.

Jason Castro: #65
His defense is probably adequate now to play in the big leagues, especially with nothing blocking him in Houston, and with some improvement he could be an average regular for an organization that hasn't had that behind the plate in a decade.

Jiovanni Mier: #94
True shortstops who can hit are incredibly valuable at the big league level -- look at how all-glove-no-bat shortstops are getting paid in the majors right now -- and Mier has the ceiling of a top offensive producer for his position.