Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nick Cafardo's Free Agent Destinations

Nick Cafardo's Sunday column ranks the top free agents and projects a possible destination. We already know that the Astros won't be major players in the free agent market, but Cafardo does see the Astros as a possible destination for:

SP Jon Garland:
He did a terrific job for the Padres eating up innings and lending stability. He could do the same for a number of teams, such as the Nationals, Brewers, Mets, Astros, or Rockies. A return to San Diego also is possible.

We typically discount any rumor that links the Astros to a pitcher, as they're pretty much set there for 2011. Middle infielder? Different story. And Cafardo puts the price tag on Carl Crawford at 6 years/$120m. So don't even look at Carl Crawford. He's the cheerleader you're not allowed to even dream about dating.

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Peanut said...

Signing Garland or a similar pitcher wouldn't be a bad idea, especially if such a deal is just for one or two years. Norris and Paulino rounding out the rotation doesn't inspire much confidence, and even if both can stay on the mound for close to 200 innings, Garland is a better bet to pitch 200 decent innings than either. If one of the front three goes down, you've still got five starters. If not, you've got another power reliever (which may wind up being the best role for the two aforementioned pitchers in any case). Pitching depth is never, ever, ever a bad thing.