Saturday, November 6, 2010

How do you feel about Rangers billboards in Houston?

Because that's what's coming.

This is the curious thing about the Astros moving to their own RSN with the Rockets. By doing so, yes, they get their own station, and that generates a lot of money, sure. But I wonder if owners are so focused on getting their own network, that they don't think through what that means. In the Astros' case, what getting their own RSN means is that the Rangers will now have every single game broadcast in Houston.

And let's face it, Houstonians like to watch a winner. If the Astros are playing the Pirates in September and are 15 games under .500 and 17 games back, and the Rangers are playing the Red Sox in a pennant race, the Astros won't be getting those ratings. Of course, the Astros will get their jack from Comcast regardless of the standings, but Drayton has made it a possibility - especially with Nolan Ryan at the helm of the Rangers - that the Rangers will be the team to watch. In Houston.

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farmstros said...

A few days after reading this post, I drove through downtown Houston on my way to Hobby Airport. There is a billboard within view of MMP, I think it is a Fox Sports billboard, congratulating the Rangers on their championship. I was driving plus I didn't have a camera otherwise I would have snapped a picture.