Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FanGraphs' Top 10 Astros Prospects

And FanGraphs throws us a bone by listing the Astros' Top 10 prospects. We'll provide the list, and an excerpt from the explanation. You click the link for the full version.

1. Jordan Lyles
Lyles doesn’t have a huge ceiling but he profiles as a durable No. 3 starter.

2. Delino DeShields, Jr.
He should open 2011 in low-A ball and could move relatively quickly if his defense catches up to his bat.

3. Tanner Bushue
Bushue has a four-pitch repertoire and projects to be a solid No. 3 starter. He displays good control for his age...

4. Jiovanni Mier
Mier’s power took a significant dip last year and needs to look to drive the ball more consistently to the gaps.

5. Mike Kvasnicka
He has a chance to be a solid regular but he’s not likely to be a star player.

6. Mike Foltynewicz
Foltynewicz has a higher ceiling than (Bushue) because he projects to throw in the mid-90s with a plus changeup.

7. Jay Austin
After posting a .326 wOBA in the (Cal) league in 2010 as a teenager, Austin could return in 2011 – at least for the first two or three months. Keep tabs on this prospect as a 2011 breakout candidate.

8. J.D. Martinez
Martinez isn’t a true slugger but he projects to hit 20 homers in a full MLB season. Defensively, he’s not a great fielder and is still learning to read the ball. He also has chronic arthritis in his knees, which could limit his range over time.

9. Vincent Velasquez
His delivery appeared to put a lot of stress on his pitching elbow, so the organization may have to re-work his throwing motion upon his return.

10. Jonathan Villar
His lack of consistent contact is the largest weakness in his offensive game right now, as he posted a strikeout rate of 27.8% in low-A and 38.9% in high-A.

I find it interesting that, with the exception of Jay Austin, all of these players were drafted - or acquired, in Lyles' and Villar's case - in 2009 and 2010. What say you?