Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Hooks reflect on their 2010

Honorary Citizen Greg Rajan gets some reflection on Corpus' 2010.

The Hooks ended their season with five consecutive losses. In a way that was only fitting, since a losing streak ended up being the defining mark of their campaign — and something they couldn’t get around in the end.

Jon Gaston:
“(The losing streak) is something we’re unfortunately going to have our name attached to. But we’re also going to have some good things as well — Koby (Clemens’) good year, we had some good pitchers. There were a lot of good individual aspects. You’re going to have ups and downs, but we put it together as best we could.”

Manager Wes Clements:
It’s hard sometimes because our job is development. It’s tough, although our fan base is very knowledgeable here and they’re fully aware that development is a part of it, in spite of the wins and losses. We all want to win, and they want to win, too. But the bottom line is to get people better and get them to the big leagues better. We’ve accomplished quite a bit of that this year.”

Koby Clemens:
“From the defensive standpoint, I think it was more than anybody could expect. I felt like I was pretty comfortable at first and made a lot of good plays over there. From spring training to now, it’s a huge jump forward. I feel very comfortable over there. On the offensive side, the power numbers looked good, but the average (.241) was a little down, with a lot of strikeouts. There are positives, but also room for improvement."