Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And now for some reaction to the ValleyCats' championship

Manager Jim Pankovits:
“I’m speechless right now. I can’t say enough about this pitching staff. They all rose to the occasion. It’s just a phenomenal feeling right now. This is what it’s all about...

...“I was sweating. No doubt about it. That’s an unbelievable ballclub over there. We earned it.”

Carlos Quevedo:
“I never gave up. This is the best game of my life and my career.”

Enrique Hernandez:
"This is the greatest; awesome."

Ben Orloff:
"This is awesome. Can't ask for better. Any individual award you may win doesn't compare with a championship...I don't think we were picturing this right here. Amazing!"

Brooklyn manager Wally Backman:
“My guys were overwhelmed — and we didn’t look prepared. Like we were improvising out there. So, yeah, I’m pissed. But they’ve got to learn this [losing] feeling themselves...

...“I would have liked to see more ‘rah-rah-rah’ out the guys, more standing on the top step than sitting on the bench. The bottom line is that we were outpitched.”

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