Monday, August 30, 2010

Tri-City: Screw you, college coaches

Very interesting article in the Troy Record tonight about the challenges that pitchers and catchers face when they start their professional careers.

Honorary Citizen (and Actual ValleyCats Assistant GM) Vic Christopher, on rookie catchers:
"They don't know how to call a game. They're not even used to calling pitches (selection). These college (head) coaches want to control everything. They call all the pitches, all the situational stuff and when catchers get here, they don't know what to do."

Former UH catcher Chris Wallace:
:Yeah, pretty much in the tradition that the coach called all the pitches, everything, Here, we (catchers) call everything. You kind of have feel for the game, playing it for so long. But there is a big jump and that's like the biggest one for a catcher, is becoming that player who has a feel for the game, and has a feel for the swings of the hitters and to be able to call your own game."

And hey, there's a rumor about some roster movement once Greeneville's season ends (and the ValleyCats' season extends a few days):
Talk around the Joe on Monday was that the parent Houston Astros will send the ValleyCats their 2010 No. 1 draft pick Delino Deshields Jr. and several other Greeneville (Tenn.) players as soon as the Appalachian League season ends.