Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lee at 1B?

Apparently, Brad Mills plans to use Carlos Lee at first base this season.

There's a good chance of getting him at first base. When? I don't know that yet. I think we need to find out what we have; that's all. It'd be just to see how he does in one game and see if maybe he wants to do it again."

This is actually something we were pushing for in the moments after the Berkman trade, before the Astros got Brett Wallace, when it made more sense to get Lee out of the outfield. If it opens up a spot for Bourgeois, or (gasp) Bogusevic, then I'm all for it. But not at the expense of Brett Wallace's development. Later in the Notes column, we see that Wallace will be getting the majority of starts at 1B, but will sit against selected LHPs.