Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who needs to be freed?

So Geoff Blum went 0x4 last night - as the Juvenile Court Judge told you - at short for Corpus. It was to be his final rehab start before returning to the Big Club. Bernardo Fallas writes that there's a tough roster choice to make for when Blum is activated.

Angel Sanchez has done well at short in Manzella's absence (and might have earned the starting role, even when Manzella is activated), and Anderson Hernandez has been alright, as well.

But who should go? It's not even that tough of a decision - Pedro Feliz. He's not even the go-to guy on the bench for a pinch-hit appearance, anymore. It's time to go ahead and pull the plug on his .551 OPS (and an OPS+ of 48). If the Astros were willing to release Kaz Matsui, they shouldn't have a problem eating the ~$1.5m remaining on Feliz' contract.