Monday, August 30, 2010

Eddie's Farm: August 30

Round Rock

Good Lord. The Express drop their ninth out of their last ten games in a big way. How big a way? 23-5 big at Omaha. Amazingly, the Express actually led this game 2-0, and then Omaha scored the next 14 runs, including an 11-run 3rd inning. Omaha's Mike Moustakas hit three homers (two in the 3rd inning) and had 11 RBI. To put that into perspective, the Express had scored eleven runs in their previous seven games. Andy Van Hekken allowed 9H/10ER, 1K:2BB in 2+ innings. Gary Majewski threw 2IP, and allowed 9H/8ER. Corcoran and Daigle both allowed runs, and catcher Brian Esposito actually closed out the game with 1H/0ER in 1IP. Jack Shuck was 4x5, Matt Kata was 3x4, Drew Locke and Collin DeLome each had two hits, and Edwin Maysonet hit a three-run homer.

Man of the Match: Jack Shuck.


Corpus got all their runs in the 7th inning for a 4-2 win over San Antonio. Bubbie Buzachero threw 5IP, 3H/0ER, 5K:0BB in a solid start, and Matt Nevarez picked up the win with a scoreless sixth. Jailen Peguero allowed 3H/2ER, 0K:2BB, and Evan Englebrook threw a perfect inning. Jon Gaston was 2x4 with an RBI, and Jose Vallejo, David Cook, and Freddy Parejo added RBIs. J.D. Martinez was 1x4 and Jeff Keppinger was 1x4 in a rehab start.

Man of the Match: Bubbie Buzachero!


Lancaster jumped on Rancho Cucamonga for an 8-2 win. Robby Donovan threw 6IP, 8H/1ER, 5K:1BB for his first win in Lancaster. David Berner gave up an unearned run in 2IP, and Kyle Godfrey continues his excellent August (20.2IP, 10H/3ER, 22K:9BB) with a scoreless 9th. Mark Ori was 3x3 with two doubles, a walk, and an RBI, while Lee Cruz and John Curtis had two hits each. Jonathan Villar and Bryce Lane added two RBI each. Jose Altive was 1x4 with a walk and an RBI.

Man of the Match: Mark Ori


Despite getting 10 hits, the Legends scored 14 runs - nine in the first inning - for a 14-1 win over Hagerstown. Jose Cisnero threw 6IP, 4H/1ER, 4K:1BB, 2WP, and Brendan Stines got his first save for the Legends with 3IP, 0H/0ER, 4K:0BB. So how do you score 14 runs on ten hits? How about by drawing eight walks and four HBPs. Jimmy Paredes (BB, RBI), Jiovanni Mier (2B, RBI, BB), Jake Goebbert (2B, BB, 5RBI), and Renzo Tello (2B) had two hits each. Kody Hinze hit a three-run homer, and Grant Hogue was 1x2 with 3RBI and three runs scored.

Man of the Match: Jake Goebbert


The ValleyCats didn't want their last home game of 2010 to end so much that they went ahead and played 14 innings. Luckily for everyone involved, the ValleyCats won 5-4 over Hudson Valley. Jake Buchanan allowed 5H/1ER, 8K:0BB in 5IP. Travis Blankenship gave up 3H/3ER, 1K:1BB. Brandt Walker allowed a walk in 1.1IP. Jorge De Leon gave up four hits, but no runs (ERA: 0.36) in 3IP, and Jason Chowning allowed two hits and a walk in 3IP for the win. Adam Bailey was 3x7 with an RBI, while Ben Orloff (also 2BB), Marcus Nidiffer, and Mike Kvasnicka added two hits each. Jacke Healey hit a three-run homer in the second.

Man of the Match: Adam Bailey - three hits and the game-winning RBI, scoring Chris Wallace.


The Gastros got four runs in the top of the 9th, but it just wasn't enough, as Pulaski won 8-6. Euris Quezada allowed 6H/2ER, 9K:0BB in 5IP, but it was Ryan Cole (2IP, 1H/2ER) and Phil Rorabaugh (1IP, 3H/4ER, 3HR) who allowed the damage. Jonathan Merritt was 3x5 with two doubles, a homer, and 3RBI. Rafael Valenzuela was 2x5 with 2RBI, and Ricardo Garcia was 2x3. Telvin Nash hit his 12th homer of the year.

Man of the Match: Euris Quezada

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