Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DeShields will sign. Or else.

Whenever my father would tell someone something I was going to do, he rarely consulted me first. It was taken as a "this is what you will do" comment, and I generally followed along accordingly. So it seems Delino DeShields Sr has done the same thing. Regardless of the family dynamic, it's nice to see.

DeShields, Sr:
"He's going to be an Astro. No doubt."

Bobby Heck:
"The get-it-done deal is in front of Delino and his family. We're still extremely optimistic he will be an Astro. Unfortunately, it will be more on their clock and calendar than we had hoped."

Let's say, just for giggles, that DeShields signs today. He would probably report to Greeneville, where there is about a month of the season left. So he's looking at maybe 200 PAs this year - on the high side. This is definitely not the way Bobby Heck likes to do things.

We also read that Heck hopes to sign more players "this week." Who will it be?