Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adam Plutko is 50/50

Big ol' captip to Deputy Street, who found a July 17 interview with 6th Round pick Adam Plutko on ESPN. Some notes:

Will he sign?
I'm in the middle right now. It's difficult, very difficult.

Although it doesn't sound like it's terribly difficult:
It's actually a great time to come into UCLA. All their pitching is gone. You've got three young pitchers coming in -- me, Zach Weiss (Irvine, Calif./Northwood) and Nick Vander Tuig (Oakdale, Calif./Oakdale). We're all pretty tight. As far as a pitcher coming in, there hasn't been a better time since Gerrit and Trevor [Bauer] came in.

How the Astros are approaching his negotiation:
The Astros have said that it's going to be a down-to-the-end decision. They're kind of seeing what money they have left and they're going to go from there.

Verdict: I'm guessing he's gone to UCLA.