Monday, July 19, 2010

With Pettitte out, Yankees may turn to Roy

Now that Pettitte will be out for 4-5 weeks, the Yankees may not find that Sergio Mitre is a very good alternative, says Jay Greenberg:

But if the Yankees were willing to sacrifice a quality prospect like Jesus Montero to rent Lee for three months before buying him this winter, what will they consider a reasonable cost for Roy Oswalt, who is much better than Lopez, or Ted Lilly, who is far more consistent than Burnett?

Much depends upon how long Pettitte is out. But it will take time for a 38-year-old to heal. Meanwhile, the axiom about never having enough pitching remains unchallenged, so the question again is whether Cashman, who suffered burns rivaling those in Pettitte’s groin in dealing for Curtis Granderson, is willing to risk more prospects to ensure not only a trip to postseason, but success during it.

Although River Ave. Blues thinks otherwise:

Roy Oswalt and Dan Haren are pipe dreams, the Yanks aren’t going to make a major move like that to fill a hole for one or two months.

Except that Roy could fill a hole for eight or nine, or even fifteen months.

Buster Olney says this:
Even in the aftermath of Andy Pettitte's injury, the Yankees' focus is not on adding a starting pitcher; rather, the clear priority is improving the bench, and in order of importance, adding a reliever is priority No. 2.