Monday, July 19, 2010

Health concerns forcing the Astros to throw two LHPs

Because Paulino and Moehler are out, the Astros will send Wandy and Wesley Wright at the Cubs, giving the heavily right-handed lineup two lefties in a row.

"If we had our druthers, we probably would do it a different way. But we don't have that right now."

The Astros could have done it a different way! Mills knows that Wade didn't have to call up Wright, yeah? Maybe consulting with the coaching staff and hearing, "Hey, maybe it's not a good idea to send two lefties on the road against a team hitting .278/.338/.443, the second highest OPS vs. LHP in the league!" would have been a good idea. And then the Astros could have called up Josh Banks. Instead, the Astros are going to make it as hard as humanly possible to win these games against the Cubs.

Where's the plan with this team?