Friday, July 23, 2010

What the Cardinals are offering

This is a couple of hours old, but Jayson Stark is reporting that the package St. Louis offered for Roy is:

-SS Brendan Ryan
-OF Jon Jay
-P Shelby Miller

We already have a couple of shortstops without much bat, we already have too many outfielders (problem solved if the Astros can make Lee disappear), and Shelby Miller is two-three years away.



OremLK said...

Yuck. So if we offered them Jordan Lyles, Tommy Manzella, and Jason Bourgeois for Chris Carpenter, they would consider it?

Actually Lyles is a better prospect than Miller and closer to the majors so that would be a BETTER deal than what they are offering.

No thanks. Switch Jay out for Allen Craig and Ryan out for Niko Vasquez and you have a starting point for discussion.

Joe said...

I'm on the side of trading Roy Oswalt, but I would rather keep him than even consider a garbage offer like this. I would want more from the Cards than the Phillies just because they are a divisional rival. Mozeliak is breaking everyone's balls with offers like this.

I wish Roy would just realize that we have the leverage and don't have to trade him if he continues being so picky, thus screwing us in any return we may receive for him. I know he has earned this right through the amount of major league service he accumulated, but does this warrant him really being so selfish when we have done so much for him?

He doesn't just want to win. Not his number one priority. I understand him not wanting to go to Detroit. People there steal touring bands equipment like four year olds. Roy could just bulldoze them.

TB said...

I think you misread the tweet. The Cardinals only offerred Ryan and Jay, not Miller. I actually would be quite happy with a deal centered around Miller. He's an elite prospect with a higher ceiling than anyone currently in the system. Unforunately, at the end of the day, I doubt the stros can get an offer as good as one centered around Miller but if by chance they do, I say they hurry up and take it.