Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rounding up the Roy-mors

So, as I was away for part of the day, let's do a quick recap on the events transpiring with this whole "Roy to Philly" thing.

Drayton McLane says nothing is imminent as far as Roy is concerned:
"Ed and I talk several times every day, but nothing's imminent. Trades really don't get done [until close to the Deadline]. There is no imminent trade with the Phillies or anybody else. There have been lots and lots of discussions, nothing close to a trade."

However, Jayson Stark has a full report from Ruben Amaro's nether regions that Roy won't approve a trade unless the team picks up his 2012 option for $16 million.

The Phillies are believed to be amenable to paying most of the $25 million he's owed through next year, but have shown no inclination to pick up the option year.

J.A. Happ is rumored to be in the deal to acquire Roy (and Doug Brocail was in Indianapolis last night watching Happ), as well as "one or two" prospects at the Single-A level - with the exception of Single-A 1B Jonathan Singleton.

So with the Oswalt talks on shaky ground, the Phillies continue to explore other options for upgrading their rotation.

If this deal doesn't get done because Roy wants an option exercised 18 months in advance, I literally might tear my hair out.