Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anderson/Figueroa about depth and injuries

Within Brian McTaggart's Notebook we see that the waiver claims today of Anderson Hernandez and Nelson Figueroa have more to do with the team today much of anything else.

Wade, on Hernandez:
"He's a good defensive infielder, and our guys have liked him. At one time, he was a pretty significant prospect in the Mets organization. We like his hands and his defensive ability, and he can swing the bat a little bit."

And at one point, I was a prospect as a politician based on my showing in the race for Junior Class Vice President.

Wade, on Figueroa:
"He gives us more depth and experience with the health issues we have right now."


Mills also says that Wesley Wright should get another start:
"I think with the way he threw yesterday, he deserves another start, if a spot opens up for him to make that start. The way Wes threw the ball last night, a corner has been turned with him putting it together in Round Rock like he did his last three outings. Do we want Wes in the bullpen to have those three lefties in the 'pen, or have Moehler solidify the bullpen a little bit? We'll have to look at who we're facing and see how Moehler is. We have to wait and see how he is first."

Please, please, please. Put Moehler in the bullpen, and let Wright continue to get stretched out as a starter. If they don't do that, then the last year of Wright's career has been wasted.