Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kvasnicka: Baseball is a faithless bitch

In the latest and greatest Cats Corner we read about Mike Kvasnicka's well-documented early struggles (did anyone else know about the hand injury? For some reason, we didn't.) But he's still confident it'll come around:

"I've been [practicing] my right-handed swing a lot because we haven't seen a lot of lefties. But I got an at-bat lefthanded [in the 10th], and I was thinking about mechanical things to make the switch back over, and I wasn't ready to hit because of it. I had been swinging the bat well lefty, but I let the mental side take over for a few pitches there.

In the last week and a half, I've had a lot of lineouts. Baseball's a cruel game in that sense - once you start feeling good, you're not going to be hitting .400 the rest of the year. There's been definite progress in the cage work and in batting practice, so it should come around."

We also find out that Tommy Shirley has re-aggravated a knee injury. Manager Jim Pankovits:
"We don't think it's serious - it wasn't serious before - but we're being cautious with him."