Friday, July 9, 2010

Joel Sherman turns his attention to the Mets

After breaking the news that the Yankees and Mariners were close on Cliff Lee, Joel Sherman has set his sights on breaking news about the Mets.

Word is the Yankees getting Lee is devastating to the Mets, so they'll need to counter. So, Joel, what about Roy?

Mets now turn strongly to Lilly because Astros still want too much and will pay too little of Oswalt's contract.

Further reading from Sherman:
If the Lee trade gets completed, the Mets will be fully focused on a starter elsewhere. Yes, they like Roy Oswalt. But Mets officials continue to say that Houston is unwilling to pay anything but a small amount of the $15 million Oswalt is due this year, the $16 million next or the $2 million buyout on a $16 million option for 2012, but are still insisting on major prospects.

That is why the Mets remained focus on Ted Lilly of the Cubs. They see him as the best fallback position after an obvious ace such as Lee or Oswalt.

And now Heyman weighs in:
Mets scouted Oswalt, Haren, Lilly. (Though) Lilly is most likely, 1) hes not quite available yet, 2) his velocity is down.

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