Monday, July 19, 2010

Oswalt drilled on ankle, might be okay

It was the worst game of the year. Easy. To get three hits and shutout by Paul Maholm, where Roy gets hit on the ankle with a line drive 13 days before the trade deadline, and the Astros lose 9-0 (and out-hit 19-3). It's condescending to refer to the Pirates as the worst team in the League, because we have evidence in this three-game series that suggests otherwise. The worst team in the NL just may be ours.

Roy, on what happened:
“It hit me pretty good, hit me straight on and really didn’t get any shoe, all ankle. I knew the longer I stayed out there the more it was going to start swelling. I couldn’t really finish pitches. I couldn’t really get through pitches and left two balls kind of spinning in the plate and got a few hits. It got to the point I started cutting my mechanics off. And I didn’t want to hurt myself trying to throw a different way.”

"This is something that should be able to clear up in a couple of days. We’ll know more about that (today), but at this point, yeah, we expect him to be able to make his next start.”