Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ESPN: Major Trade in works in Philadelphia

With a captip to Citizen Trae, we find this story on ESPN, in which Ruben Amaro Jr might be desperate to turn the season around, and "hinted strongly to reporters" that the Phillies could make a trade by the time Kyle Kendrick's turn in the rotation comes back around on Saturday.

But there were indications they've spent a lot of time in recent days exploring a trade for Astros ace Roy Oswalt.

There are no guarantees that Roy would approve the deal, but Buster Olney appeared on Baseball Tonight...uh, tonight...mentioning that Jayson Werth could get dealt as part of a three-team trade with Tampa Bay (whom Karl Ravech pointed to) as a potential destination for Werth, evening out the salaries. The Astros would then receive players from Tampa Bay (provided this all even happens in the first place).

It's a lot of conjecture, and a lot of what-ifs, but it is interesting.