Tuesday, July 20, 2010

From the Office of the County Clerk - G94: Astros @ Cubs

There aren't enough words, even in a blog, to discuss how terrible this game was. It was a total team loss, and is embarrassing to even discuss. Astros lose 14-7.

*The Astros actually had a 6-0 lead in this, and Wesley Wright looked like he was going to be the greatest starting pitcher since Bud Norris. However, that lead went the way of the dodo. The loss after a six-run lead is the largest blown lead since 2001.

*Wesley Wright gave up six runs in 4.2IP on six hits and two walks, striking out five. However, of those six runs, only one was earned.

*It all fell apart to hell in the 5th. With the Astros enjoying a 7-1 lead coming into the bottom of the 5th, Geovany Soto reached on an infield single. Ryan Theriot then hit into what should have been a double play to Keppinger, who nutted the force attempt, allowing Soto and Theriot to instead stand safely on 2nd and 3rd. Xavier Nady struck out swinging (this would have ended the inning had that double play been made), but Soto scored anyway on a passed ball by Jason Casto. 7-2. Tyler Colvin was then hit by a pitch. Starlin Castro grounded out to second. 7-3. Aramis Ramirez the second of his three homers on a 2-2 pitch (Wright had gotten out in front 0-2). 7-6.

*When Wesley Wright threw first-pitch strikes to the Cubs, they were 3x10, 4K:1BB, HBP. Of course, the last first-pitch strike he threw was to Aramis Ramirez who tattooed the pitch to center for the three-run homer.

*Ramirez went on to hit yet another home run in the 8th. It's the seventh time this season an opponent has hit 3+ homers against the Astros, and the third 4+ HR game (the Reds hit six homers on May 29).

*The Astros have now given up 76 homers this season, and have hit 62. Thanks to Chris Johnson's solo shot.

*Brandon Lyon took the loss, giving up yet another two runs. It's the fourth time in seven July outings that Lyon has given up at least one run. His ERA after the July 1 game against San Diego was 2.80. It's now 3.98.

*Gary Majewski was basically left out on the field to sit in his own diaper, throwing 27 pitches, and allowed 4H/5ER, 1K:1BB and another three-run homer to Ramirez.

*Ramirez' three homers, further extend the lead Houston has in allowing Ramirez HRs - 36, with Milwaukee coming in 2nd with 31. It's his 4th 3HR game of his career.

*A couple of bright spots for the Astros. Well, one bright spot, and one "it's about time:" Chris Johnson had another multi-hit game, and has at least one hit in each game he's started since the All-Star Break (8x19, 2HR, 2B, 7RBI). Carlos Lee was 2x5 with an RBI. Lee has a two-game hitting streak, and is now 14x51 in July.

*Berkman was 0x3, but drew two walks. So while he's 1x8 in his last three starts, he now has seven walks in those starts.

*Angel Sanchez was 1x4, and has a four-game hit streak, improving his average from .207 on July 16 to .286 following tonight's game.

Pitch Count Hero: Michael Bourn (1x4, BB) and Lance Berkman (0x3, 2BB) - 21 pitches in five PAs.

Pitch Count Punk: Hunter Pence (1x5) - 12 pitches in five PAs. Can we just pause for a second in order to hate? In the second inning, with the bases loaded and the Astros up by four, Hunter Pence came up to bat. Now: Bourn had walked on five pitches. Angel Sanchez had been hit by a pitch. Berkman walked on five pitches. So WTF does Pence go up and do? Swings at strike one and leans over the plate to pop out to first to end the inning.

Man of the Match: Let's call it Chris Johnson.

Goat of the Game: Brandon Lyon. Though this could have easily gone to Jason Castro, Jeff Keppinger, or Gary Majewski.


yoni said...

how is the goat not kepp? his error cost us and wright the game. if he makes the play. we outta the 5th up 7-1 with wright cruisin

The Constable. said...

I'm fine with making Keppinger the Goat, but even at 7-7, Lyon's inning was a back-breaker.