Thursday, July 29, 2010

Report: Roy traded to Philadelphia

Big thanks to Deputy Street for giving the heads-up that the Astros have a deal in place with Philly for Roy. Here's the situation, though nothing much has changed since the Berman report broke around midnight Central.

-The players and money are agreed upon, Roy is aware of the deal, he has his 60 hours notice, and the Astros are waiting on his approval.

-We should have an answer today. He's scheduled to pitch tomorrow night in the series opener against the Brewers.

-Details are sketchy. But let's make some notes:

*We've done the match before, but let's do it again. Roy makes about $92,592 per game, so there's $5.64m (-ish) left on his contract in 2010 + the $16m he's guaranteed in 2011. And we don't know about the 2012 option.

*The Astros were asking for four prospects. We don't know what they're getting in return, but could it be possible that there are more pieces going to Philly than just Roy? Are the Phillies not comfortable with throwing Happ and Kendrick out there? Take Roy and Myers (pure speculation, and highly unlikely), or maybe Jeff Keppinger is part of the deal. Or...Or...Or... You get the idea.

*I'm going to guess that the Astros will pay the rest of Roy's salary in 2010. As far as the players go, who freaking knows? Happ, Worley, and two players from Lakewood.

Stay tuned, it's going to be an interesting morning.

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