Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Add this to the Convoluted Demands of the Astros

FanHouse's Ed Price says this about what he hears the Astros are wanting for Roy Oswalt:

Word is that the Astros would not only make the acquiring team pay all of Oswalt's salary -- the rest of his $15 million this year, $16 million next year and a $2 million buyout on the 2012 team option -- but also wants three major-league-ready young players in return.

It's possible that demand comes from owner Drayton McLane and not GM Ed Wade. Pretty steep price, and that doesn't even factor in Oswalt's full no-trade clause.

I don't know how much of this I believe. Jon Heyman said on July 2 that the Astros would be willing to eat some of Roy's contract. On July 1 the NY Daily News said the Astros wouldn't. On June 22 Drayton said he'd entertain it.

So. Who freaking knows?