Monday, June 21, 2010

Royal: Why is Feliz still here?

John Royal asks a pretty good question: Why is Pedro Feliz still on the roster?

Somehow, despite everything, Pedro Feliz still has a spot on the roster. Feliz is hitting .220 with a .242 on-base percentage, a .296 slugging percentage, and a .537 on-base plus slugging percentage. He's only hit two homers. This is the guy Wade gave 4.5 million dollars to play for the Astros. And his defense, which was advertised as being of Gold Glove caliber has been more of Golden Glove caliber, and he's been making Carlos Lee look like an above-average fielder.

This is an excellent question, because the Astros have someone else who can actually hit a little bit better than Feliz in Geoff Blum, who has primarily been playing 3B this season. So do we really need three third basemen on the roster? Blum, while not everyone's favorite option at the plate, has been spelling Manzella at short, and can play first, as well.

There's really no reason for Feliz to be on the roster. He was to be a stop-gap, and didn't stop anything. If we're ready to move on from Sullivan, Cash, and Daigle, surely Feliz has to be in there, too.