Monday, June 21, 2010

Forbes: Roy and the Rangers should be more clear tomorrow

Forbes' Kristi Dosh points out that tomorrow will be a big day for the Rangers and, in turn, Roy:

The chance of acquiring Oswalt almost fully depends on Judge Lynn's decision on Tuesday. Oswalt is due $16 million next year, not to mention what will be left of the $15 million he'll make this year. As the ESPN article quoted above states, if the ownership issue is unresolved before the July 31st trade deadline, the Rangers would either have to get approval for the expenditure from other league owners (because of the loan they have from MLB), or the Astros would have to cover a significant portion of Oswalt's salary. Both are highly unlikely.

So, the Rangers will wait with baited breath for Judge Lynn's decision on Tuesday. If Greenberg and Ryan are in control prior to July 31st, the Rangers certainly have the prospects to trade for Oswalt. The question remains, however, how many other postseason-contending teams are legitimately in the running for Oswalt, meaning they have both the need for his serives and the prospects to get it?