Monday, June 21, 2010

All-Star Break update: Lancaster JetHawks

So it's All-Star Break time for the California League's Lancaster JetHawks. I think we can speak freely and just go ahead and admit that this has been a pretty horrible season for the JetHawks. They finished the first half of the season 23-47, 23 games behind CAL South 1st Half winner Lake Elsinore. Their OPS is 7th in the 10-team league at .734, and while their .405 SLG is 7th, the .328 OBP is 9th. The main issue - as it traditionally is in Coors Light - is the pitching. The staff's cumulative 5.10 ERA is worst in the League, as is the 1.53 WHIP. They have the fewest strikeouts (456) and have given up the 2nd-highest number of homers (64) and hits (713). Despite this, the JetHawks are averaging 2,313 fans/game, 6th in the California League. And despite this, there have been some bright spots in the offense and pitching staff - with some guys making a real push to be considered for a call-up to Corpus.

Lancaster - hitters


Typically, we wouldn't consider Lee Cruz as having played enough for a listing here, and 51ABs isn't significant enough to get our undergarments all twisted up about. But still, to go from an independent league to a 1.314 OPS (as a 27-year old, I get it) is at least worth recognizing.

Lancaster - pitchers


Keuchel is listed first, because he's the only JetHawk to start more than 10 games and have an ERA under 4.00 (Greenwalt has a 4.71 ERA/1.51 WHIP). David Berner is worth remarking on because of his low ERA/WHIP, but also thanks to his 8.2 K:BB ratio. It's also worth noting that Kyle Godfrey is the only JetHawk pitcher to not allow a homerun this season.