Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oswalt wants to go to three teams. Wait, no he doesn't.

Ed Price of FanHouse had a report that Roy has a very particular list:

An official from another team said word going around is that Roy Oswalt would approve a trade only to the Phillies, Yankees or Cardinals.

But wait. McTaggart says it ain't so:

Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt, who's been the subject of numerous rumors and admitted last month he had requested a trade to a contender, said Wednesday he's not aware of a list of teams to which he would approve a trade.

Roy will get approximately $92,592 per game (that's $15m divided by 162) in 2010, and $98,765 per game in 2011. If he was traded today, there would be 108 games to play, plus 162 in 2011, and using this math - which could very well be flawed - the destination team would be required to pay Roy approximately $25,999,936 over the life of the current guaranteed contract, assuming the Astros don't pick up any of his salary.

So let's say he's not traded until 11:59 on July 31. The destination team would be on the hook for just ~$5.37m of this season, a savings of $4.5 million-ish. That's a decent savings for a team to wait on.

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