Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Afternoon episode of "Roy and the Rangers"

So let's take a quick gander at the latest developments of the Ballad of Roy and Nolan:

ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett:
The Texas Rangers have filed an updated plan as instructed by U.S. bankruptcy judge D. Michael Lynn that includes alterations needed to gain sale approval. In the meantime, a new bidder has contacted the creditors about the club should the process start over, according to the Sports Business Journal...

...Sports Business Journal reported Monday that Jeff Beck, a Dallas businessman who was helping finance former agent Dennis Gilbert's offer last year, has been in touch with creditors about the team. The report says Houston businessman Jim Crane has also contacted creditors. Beck owns Beck Ventures, a real estate company, and is also the chief executive of Capital Senior Living Corp., which develops senior living areas.

But neither Beck nor Crane may have an opportunity to buy the team.

Obviously the Ryan-Greenberg group is pretty confident that their revised plan will satisfy the Rangers' creditors, or they wouldn't be pushing for less time to pull off the deal. It would seem that Priority One for the Rangers is to get their crap together by the trade deadline, in order to add a piece to aid them in getting to the postseason. But will it be Roy?

Buster Olney:
Heard this: As Texas prepares for the trade deadline, the Rangers recently scouted Jeremy Guthrie and Ty Wigginton of the O's.