Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kvasnicka will be developed as a third baseman

Even though 1st Round (Comp) pick Mike Kvasnicka can play just about any position, Bobby Heck said he'll get started started as a 3B:

“We think that’s where his better ceiling and profile lies. Obviously [the Astros] look different every year and I think his versatility and his ability to go to other positions will be helpful for him and helpful for us.”

Minnesota Daily:
Kvasnicka said he was surprised about the anticipated move to third, expecting that teams would want him to catch, but said he will “own that identity and make that my own as much as I can. To me, that's a great thing they did that because that means they have a plan for me.”

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OremLK said...

The idea of turning him into a third baseman is what really bothers me about this pick. If he was a catcher, I could understand the pick, but as a third baseman... he just doesn't profile to have enough power for the position. Hope I'm wrong.

There were players like Nick Castellanos, Yordy Cabrera, and Jedd Gyorko still on the board when he was picked, and all of them figure to hit better as third baseman then Kvasnicka.