Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foltynewicz was drafted just right...

The Herald-News recalls a conversation about 19th overall pick Mike Foltynewicz with former ML pitcher Steve Parris:

Parris told me the kind of pitcher he saw that day without a doubt would be a first-round draft pick. Even though some projections later in the spring had the 6-foot-4, 195-pound Foltynewicz perhaps going in the second round, Parris' prediction was proven correct.

He said you don't come across many kids that age, that size, who throw that hard (well into the 90s) and have command of multiple pitches. When you do, the pro scouts take notice.

Has he signed already?
The general feeling is, as a first-round pick, he will sign with the Houston Astros. In fact, there was a rumor circulating Tuesday afternoon that he may already have signed.

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OremLK said...

I see Folty's ceiling as being the next Roy Halladay. It's unlikely he'll reach it, but he has the tools. I *loved* this pick.