Friday, June 4, 2010

Keith Law's Mock Draft!

Keith Law posted his new Mock Draft.

He has Zack Cox going at #7 to the Mets, leaving Josh Sale at #8:
I've heard Michael Choice's name here twice in the last 48 hours. The Astros love Sale and won't get him at 19.

So at #19 he has Kolbrin Vitek - 2B, Ball State
They'd love DeShields if he falls here, but I think that's unlikely, so they may have to choose at 8 between him and Sale. Also potentially on Barrett Loux or Reggie Golden, although I think Golden will be there in the sandwich round.


street said...

Law has DeShields going before #19? Where and to who?

The Constable. said...

#15 to the Rangers

Petr Nedved said...

Who does Law see for Toronto @ 11?
I've heard they were very high on Sale.

OremLK said...

"The Astros love Sale"

Yessss I'm beginning to think we may actually draft my favorite prospect.

street said...

Surprised to hear that about DeShields, as there are a lot of folks calling him an overdraft at 19 (should the Astros take him there).