Friday, June 18, 2010

The Hunt For Roy's October - June 17

A daily round-up of the hunt for Roy's October:

Mike Silva, quoting WFAN's Mike Francesa, on the Mets:
While listening to WFAN’s Mike Francesa today he threw out an interesting blurb when a caller told him he wasn’t a supporter of the Mets going after Roy Oswalt. “The Mets don’t want Oswalt.” the “Sports Pope” proclaimed. Whether this is opinion or fact remains to be seen, but Mike was the one that broke the signing of Jason Bay back in December.

It appears the team has their sights set on Cliff Lee.

T.R. Sullivan, on the Rangers:
There is nothing imminent on any front and the club has not confirmed its interest in Lee, or any other player. The Rangers still have financial issues that must be considered in any trade discussions.

But the Rangers are actively making it known they are looking for pitching and they haven't been afraid of asking about some of the big names available including Lee and Astros ace Roy Oswalt.

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