Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Astros, on Kvasnicka

The Astros were predictably pleased with how things shook out for them in their first three picks.

Heck, on Kvasnicka:
"His name was anywhere in front of us at eight until all the way down to that pick. That was a pleasant surprise that he was still sitting there where we selected him."

"We selected him as a third baseman, but we know he can play the outfield, we know that he can catch and he's a switch-hitter and can remain a switch-hitter. If he can play a corner-infield spot or catch or play the outfield, all would be a plus."

More Heck:
"Our scout, Troy Hoerner, was very high on him going into this year and he's a self-made player, a good baseball player. He does have versatility. He's got the capability to play the outfield and goes back to high school days playing the infield. We've seen him take ground balls and feel comfortable just because of his makeup and worth ethic and athleticism. He's a productive college performer."