Sunday, May 2, 2010

Scouting the SAL on Altuve and Mier

Mike Newman of Scouting the SAL watched the Legends this weekend, and had this to say:

On Jose Altuve:
It is not often I watch a player and think to myself, “this is the exception to the rule”. Jose Altuve fits into this category as a diminutive second baseman whose height would normally remove him from any sort of prospect discussion. However, Altuve flashed plus contact skills, the ability to drive the baseball like a much larger player, and was a very sound fundamentally. He may never start in Houston, but the fact I see him as a future big leaguer is a bit mind blowing.

On Jiovanni Mier:
Mier’s defense was as advertised, but his offensive game was nowhere to be found. In seeing eight at-bats plus batting practice, Mier showed little ability to drive the baseball and a swing more reminiscent of a left-handed hitter. The difference between a Wilmer Flores and Jiovanni Mier is while both have calm, fluid swing loads, Flores’ wrists explode through the zone while balls come off of Mier’s bat with a thud. For Astros fans expecting Mier to be a Nomar Garciaparra clone, it is never too early to temper those enormous offensive expectations.