Monday, May 3, 2010

Hometown Update

So many of you have probably guessed that The Wife and I live in Nashville, and if you've seen the news in the last two days, you'll know this is a rough time for Nashville and middle Tennessee. Having received between 13-20" of rain since Saturday morning, the flooding in town is significant and devastating.

I have received a few emails from loyal Citizens asking about how my wife and I were affected, and we really appreciate that. Thankfully, where we live in Nashville did not receive any significant flooding, and we are completely fine. But there are thousands of people in middle Tennessee (and west Tennessee, and Kentucky, and Arkansas, and Mississippi, and...) who are not. So if you're of the praying sort, be praying that the waters can recede - the Cumberland River, which runs through downtown, is currently at about 52 feet, and has overrun downtown. If you're of the donating sort, it is my understanding that the Red Cross is setting up shelters throughout middle Tennessee.

If you visit Astros County, hopefully it's because you enjoy the style of writing, opinions, and breakdown of the Houston Astros and the minor leagues. If this type of post doesn't interest you at all, then thank you for your time. That said, it is nice to be able to think about baseball.