Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roy's One-Way Ticket: Detroit

Because keeping all of those quotes, notes, and rumors in one post is getting lengthy, let's break this down by team in separate posts. As these come in, they will be updated and reposted.


Latest status: Interested

Buster Olney (5/30):
The three teams that might be the best fit on paper to get Oswalt: the Twins, the Tigers and the Angels. And the reason why the Tigers might make the most sense is that they're more willing than other teams to spend money -- and the question of how much other teams are willing to absorb Oswalt's remaining salary could be the deciding factor in any trade talks with Houston.

WDIV Detroit (5/24):
The Tigers contacted the Houston Astros about their ace right-hander over the weekend and are apparently willing to make a deal, my baseball moles told on Monday. Last week, Oswalt asked the Astros to trade him. After nearly 10 seasons in Houston, Oswalt said he is ready to move on and he wants to pitch for a contender. Enter the Tigers.

Buster Olney:
The Tigers could use a veteran starter like Oswalt, and Detroit has always been willing to spend aggressively when the team has a chance to win, but it's unclear whether the Tigers would be willing to surrender their best young pitching prospects to make a deal -- or whether Oswalt would want to play for Detroit.