Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preview G50 Astros v Reds

The AstBros take on the Reds in a day game to finish up a 3 game set. So far the Reds have treated their guest as rudely as Jeffery Dahmer in beating the AstBros 15-6 and 12-2. If things don't change dramatically in this final game, this will be the low point in the season without a doubt. I will look back at this weekend 10 years from now and say, "Damn, at least we're not that bad."


WP: Paulino gets his first
LP: Leake gets his first

HR: geez, how about Stubbs, Votto and Berkman
SB: Bourn, Pence

I feel like the game will be delayed by Locusts today as we are surely at the end of days. There is no other explanation for the juxtaposistion between our two clubs.

Happy Memorial Day weekend and don't forget to look for the special gameday hats tomorrow.