Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Joel Sherman on Roy

The New York Post's Joel Sherman dedicates some KBs to Roy Oswalt, who has suddenly made the Astros interesting. I linked to the article in the Angels post, but it's worth pulling a couple of his notes:

A scout who covers the Astros regularly said Oswalt is clearly not happy. The scout pointed to body language that is not good and complaints about run support. In his last four starts, Oswalt is 0-4, though his ERA is just 2.83. “He has become the classic change of scenery guy,” the scout said. Andy Pettitte told me that playing for a non-contender for a while begins to wear at a competitive player such as Oswalt, and that his pal would be re-energized if he were in a pennant race.

A person with strong ties to the Astros told me that morale in the clubhouse is not very good and that there is even growing tension between the club’s two established stars, Oswalt and Lance Berkman.

It's an excellent column, and definitely worth a read. And unlike F*@#%ing Newsday, is free to read.