Monday, May 17, 2010

Dodgers interested in Roy?

The Around the Horn site has an interesting note about the potential pairing of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Roy Oswalt:

It's my understanding that the Dodgers who desperately need pitching help are interested in Oswalt however the prized possession the Astros want is minor league pitcher Chris Withrow, someone you would think the Dodgers would be unwilling to give up...

...While now would certainly be a great time to make a trade solidifying the Dodger pitching staff, one would think the public divorce over the teams owners, the McCourt's, would prevent Colletti from taking on that kind of salary. From where I sit, Oswalt is apparently healthy and pitching well. If the Dodgers feel they could win now, Oswalt would certainly be what the doctor ordered for the Dodgers symptoms.

Chris Withrow is the Dodgers best pitching prospect at the moment and I think the Astros would be wise to do the deal if they could.

With all of that, the author - a retired baseball scout (of 34 years) doesn't think the deal will get done for a couple of reasons: the impending divorce of the McCourts, and the Dodgers just like Withrow too much.