Monday, May 17, 2010

Could the Nationals actually make a run at Roy?

ESPN's Rumor Central says yes. Buster Olney has the following:

"The feeling among rival executives is the Nationals are apt to be very aggressive before the trade deadline, the kind of team willing to take on a contract -- like Oswalt's -- that might appear outsized to other teams. Washington's window of opportunity is opening, and the promotion of Storen so early tells us that they will work like crazy this summer to climb through (in spite of their three-game slide in Colorado.)"


Joe said...

We want Strasburg, Storen and Norris via LMAO JK

OremLK said...

Called this a few weeks ago. The Nats are desperate to prove to their fans that they are going to be contenders sooner rather than later, and what they need most is starting pitching. I don't know if Oswalt would approve a trade, but Wandy or Myers could be other possibilities if he will not.

The Nats actually have a great selection of prospects considering our organizational needs; Strasburg, Norris, and Desmond are untouchable, but a guy like Danny Espinosa would be a good centerpiece, and they have some high-floor low-ceiling starting pitchers who could contribute this year, like Bradley Meyers and Aaron Thompson.