Friday, May 14, 2010

Berkman says weird things

In Rick Hummel's "What-the-heck-happened" recap of the St. Louis-Houston series, Berkman says some strange things:

"I don't think our two eight-game losing streaks are indicative of the talent that we have. I still think we have a good team. We may not have the best team in the National League but we've got a much better team than the 13-21 (the worst mark in the league) that we are. I think it's an early-season anomaly...

...We just haven't played very well. Our pitching has been OK, but our offense has been awful. I think you could make a case that we have a really good team. And you could also make a case that we're over the hill and may not do anything."

On the Cardinals:

"They're definitely the class of the division. First of all, they're the reigning champions. And second of all, they're probably a better team this year than they were last year with the addition of (Matt) Holliday for a whole season, and (Brad) Penny is unbelievable.

It just kind of irks me that every year, they find a guy that wins 15 games that anybody could have signed. Everybody should have known that about Brad. He's always been a great pitcher, with tremendous stuff. What did he sign for ($7.5 million guaranteed)? That, to me, could be the bargain of the year."