Friday, May 14, 2010

About that pop-up...

Turns out Carpenter is kind of a douche. Derrick Goold's article on yesterday's game has the following:

Three times this season, Carpenter (4-1), the Cardinals' ace whose temper can be as sharp as a fastball, has barked at opponents. On Thursday, he took issue with Lee's loud curse and showy slap of his bat after popping up to shortstop. Brad Penny had a similar exchange with Houston leadoff hitter Michael Bourn earlier this season, arguing the hitter shouldn't act like he could "hit it out of the park."

"Routinely now, hitters pop up a pitch they think they can do something with and they start making noises, and that is really disrespectful to the pitcher. Most pitchers turn around and ignore it. Carp doesn't."

Carlos Lee:
He was staring at me. For what? I guess he's allowed to yell and say anything he wants. … He can get emotional and, as a hitter, we can't get emotional?"

"I guess it's turned into we're all supposed to be best friends in this game. … There's no need for it."

Bernardo Fallas has this:

“I was (upset), but I wasn't trying to show him up. I didn't even look at him. I was mad at myself. When Lance got a hit, (Carpenter) was yelling and screaming, saying all kinds of things. So he can get emotional, but as a hitter I can't? Why?”

And the Belleville News-Democrat tells this:

"Pence hits the ball out of the ballpark. Carp didn't make a good pitch. Carp doesn't say a word. He doesn't say anything to the guy that hit it. It's his mistake. Well, routinely now, hitters pop up a pitch they think they should deal with and they start making noises, and that really is disrespectful to the pitcher. Most of the pitchers just turn around and ignore it. Carp doesn't. I think Carp's right, and I think Carp's in the right. Respect should go both ways...

...If he gets you out, he gets you out. Zip it and go back to the plate. If he gives it up, you zip it and let the guy go around the bases -- or single, double, whatever it was. Most pitchers let the guy jabber. I don't think Carlos Lee is anything special as far as a guy who disrespects, but it's so common now. Carp will let you know."

There you have it. Chris Carpenter: The White Knight of Respect. I bet he and Dallas Braden have a secret handshake.

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