Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wes Clements is no Luis Pujols

New Hooks manager Wes Clements is a little more even-keel than his predecessor:

"There's nothing positive from me about screaming and yelling at somebody because they didn't get something done. If somebody makes an error, what good does it do if I get up and scream and yell and cuss and everything else? What good does that do? I can see it. I know that they know they booted the ball. They know that they booted. They don't need anybody else screaming and yelling at them. The players know that I will have a lot of fun. All the players. We joke, we play around, but they know when I'm not (kidding). They know, my voice, whatever it is, all right, it stops, for lack of better words. But it only comes into play if we're not playing the game the right way. It doesn't come into play with hits or errors or things like that."

It's interesting to move Clements to Corpus, but with a lot riding on developing upper-level talent in Eddie's Farm, I totally understand bringing along the manager who guided the breakouts of Jon Gaston and Koby Clemens.

"I like his approach. He had a lot of the players with him last year in Lancaster and a lot of those players will move up, like Koby, Gas, Steele and Shuck and I think that had a huge part of the thought process when I made the decision to move him to Corpus. He's familiar with them and he understands the game and that's what we want to do. We want to teach the kids to play the game the right way and Wes is the right man for the job."

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