Thursday, April 8, 2010

Koby: Put me wherever

In a profile on Koby Clemens in the Caller-Times today, Ricky Bennett talks about Clemens' bat:

""We've challenged Koby every year, especially defensively. He obviously started as a third baseman, we put him behind the plate. Now we're asking him to change positions again and learn to play first base. He's met every challenge. He's coming into spring training with an open mind and a positive outlook on learning a new position....

...We've really focused on making sure that Koby's bat is in the lineup. The way he performed last year in Lancaster was just great. I think he's looking to build on that this year. He's a good hitter. He can definitely drive in some runs. He drove in 120-plus runs last year and I'm hoping he's able to do that again this year. He's a good kid. He works hard. He understands what he needs to do to prepare for his season. I'm looking forward to seeing him put up quality at-bats in Double-A this season."

Koby, and the pressure that comes with being a Clemens:

"There's good and bad that always comes with that. He set the bar so high. I'm reaching for it, I'm reaching for that bar. I want to get there and maybe pass it. But to be honest, if I get an opportunity to get to the big leagues and play well, and I do half the stuff he did, that's a pretty dang good career....Definitely those are my goals. There's a huge target on your back with the pressure. You see a kid like me, last name Clemens, 'There he is, that's Roger's son,'" There's these huge expectations because the bar has been set so high."

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