Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oklahoma City is pulling for extending their agreement with the Rangers

Good article out of the Oklahoman on the upcoming turmoil between the Astros, Rangers, and Oklahoma City RedHawks.

RedHawks Executive Director John Allgood:
"We have had continuing discussions with Texas’ front office, including (general manager) Jon Daniels last week. Our hope is to extend the agreement beyond this year.”

But it's not like the Astros can just swoop in and pick up the RedHawks if Nolan takes the Express, says Allgood:
"The way player development contracts work is a lot like a marriage because both teams get to choose. It’s not just the major league team that gets to choose.”

I would be very surprised if the Rangers did not pick up the Express following this season. If the team has to choose the major-league affiliate, as well, then Round Rock, who is owned by Ryan would most likely just rubber stamp the Rangers' request. They're called the "Express," for crying out loud.