Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recap for X1: Astros v. Blue Jays

I've tweaked the game recaps a little bit as we get closer to the season. Tell me what you think...

How They...uh, Tied
Brett Myers allowed three earned runs in a first inning in which four of the first five Blue Jays reached base before the Astros got two of the three runs back after starter Ricky Romero exited the game.

Astros Pitching

Myers66/32:182-58 (70.7%)10/6
Majewski11/00:011-8 (72.7%)2/1
Lyon10/00:012-8 (66.7%)2/1
Gervacio10/01:119-10 (52.6%)0/2
Banks11/00:015-8 (53.3%)2/1

Once the Blue Jays had done their scoring, after Lyle Overbay knocked in Vernon Wells to make it 3-0 Blue Jays, Myers proceeded to get nine of the next ten batters before hitting Encarnacion and walking Gonzalez, and then getting out of the inning, keeping the Blue Jays to 2x20 with an HBP and BB. The Astros threw first-pitch strikes to 26 of 42 Blue Jays, with Myers throwing first-pitch strikes to 18 of the 26 batters he faced. The Blue Jays were 0x12 w/RISP.

"I was a little pumped up leaving the ball up in the first inning a little bit, but I made the adjustment," said Myers, who went intentionally fastball heavy early in the game. "I think my competitiveness took over and I just started pitching."

Astros hitting

The Astros got some production from all over the lineup. Bourn got on base three times (with a stolen base that produced the Astros' first run of the game). Keppinger had three hits. And they were patient, taking first-pitch strikes in 22 of 45 plate appearances. Meanwhile, they were 2x13 with RISP - Shelton and Keppinger getting the two big hits.

Pitch Count Hero: Michael Bourn - 20 pitches in four plate appearances (1x2, 2BB)
Pitch Count Punk: Tommy Manzella - 15 pitches in five plate appearances (0x5, 2K)

Manzella's ABs:
1) Bottom 3rd, leading off, Tor 3-0. First-pitch ball, second-pitch flyout to center
2) Bottom 5th, leading off, Tor 3-0. 1st-pitch ball, 2nd-pitch lineout to second
3) Bottom 6th, 0 out, 2 on, Tor 3-1. Ball, Foul, Looking, Foul, Swinging, Swinging
4) Bottom 8th, 1 out, 1 on, Tor 3-2. Foul, Swinging, Swinging, Swinging
5) Bottom 10th, 2 out, 0 on, Tied 3-3. Looking, Foul, Fly out to center.

So looking at the ABs, Manzella saw 17 pitches (I know. It says 15 up there.) Three of them he took for balls, three he made contact (all to the middle of the field), four he fouled off, two he took for strikes, five he swung and missed.

Man of the Match: This goes to Michael Bourn. A hit, two walks, a stolen base, and a run.

Goat of the Game: Manzella. Sorry.