Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recap for X2: Astros v. Blue Jays

Jeebus. Bud Norris and the Astros got the crap kicked out of them, 13-6 in the final exhibition game of the Spring.

How They Lost
Aaron Hill hit a first-inning homer for the second straight game, and the Blue Jays raced out to an 11-0 lead after four innings. But after that, the Astros won 6-2. Lemons = Lemonade.

Astros Pitching

Norris2.17/73:256-32 (57.1%)2/2
Moehler1.13/1 (4R)0:027-17 (63%)1/3
Byrdak0.10/01:07-4 (57.1%)0/0
Chacin21/02:021-15 (71.4%)0/4
Fulchino0.21/11:231-17 (54.8%)1/0
Sampson1.10/01:013-11 (84.6%)2/1
Lindstrom12/12:125-13 (52%)0/1

Son of a gun. The story of the pitching staff was Norris, who gave up seven hits - five of which were for extra-bases (three doubles, a triple, and a homer). He also only threw seven first-pitch strikes to 16 Blue Jays. Impressive was the performance of Chris Sampson, the only reliever who faced more than one batter to throw a perfect outing (11 of 13 pitches for strikes, first-pitch strikes to all four batters). The killer was Norris' "3rd inning," if you want to call it that: Lind doubled, Wells reached on an infield single, Overbay doubled, Encarnacion had a sac fly, and Snider doubled - turning a 4-0 deficit into a 7-0 deficit. With Moehler in for the 4th, he got two outs, when an error by Blum allowed the inning to continue and allow Encarnacion to hit a three-run homer.

Astros hitting

Hmmm. The Astros did get 13 hits, but were 3x14 w/RISP (hits by Pence, Johnson, and Matsui). How did they get their six runs? Tommy Manzella drew a four-pitch walk, and Pence knocked him in (1). Manzella doubled in Quintero (2), Matsui doubled in Manzella (3), and Chris Johnson hit a three-run homer, scoring Bourgeois and Drew Locke (4,5,6).

The Astros did get multi-hit games from Kaz Matsui and Hunter Pence, but the 4-8 spots in the lineup went a combined 3x17 before the subs came in. Manzella did rebound with a 1x2, BB day, scoring two runs.

The Astros also were kind of patient, allowing the Blue Jays' pitchers to throw 98 strikes in 155 pitches, but taking 28 first-pitch strikes in 43 plate appearances. When they saw a first-pitch ball? 5x13, 2BB. After a first-pitch strike? 7x22, 6K, BB

Pitch Count Hero: Cory Sullivan - 22 pitches in five PAs (1x4, BB)
Pitch Count Punk: Geoff Blum - 8 pitches in three PAs (0x3, K)

Carlos Lee's ABs:
1) Bot 1: 1 out, 2 on, Tor 1-0. Ball, Foul out to first
2) Bot 3: 2 out, 1 on, Tor 7-0. Looking, Fly out to center
3) Bot 5: 2 out, 2 on, Tor 11-1. Swinging, Foul, Swinging, Swinging

Hm. Only eight pitches, made contact on three, ball, looking, and three swinging strikes.

Man of the Match: Chris Johnson, hit a meaningless (but it still counts) 3-run homer in the 9th to raise his average to .323, with a .382 OBP. Please don't let Blum play first base. It's just ridiculous (now hitting .217 with a .230 OBP for the Spring).

Goat of the Game: Bud Norris. Hope you fine-tuned the crap out of yourself, because the Phillies are coming next weekend.

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